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Upcoming features for Clearsite Release Candidates

ClearSite RC1 will be a partial rewrite of functions to allow user contribution, easy customization, and granular device control. The existing database structure will remain the same with some added tables and fields.

Windows Install
Windows will be supported, and recommended for Active Directory WAN/LAN environments.
Nagios / SmokePing like Functionality
Utilizing Fping, we are developing Nagios/SmokePing like host checking, latency alert system. We are also looking at an acknowledgment system that accepts input from multiple sources such as SMS message, IM, Email, and naturally the web frontend.
Thresholding and Alerts:
Users will be able to create their own alerts and thresholds for hosts/ports/interfaces they are interested in.
More than just Cisco
More than just Cisco gear will be supported, especially for MAC-to-IP correlation for more accurate search results
Easy Templating and Script Integration
We have designed a XML template that allows extreme flexibility and ease of use and will aid greatly in user contributions and customization
Snort DB Integration
ClearSite will be able to look through your Snort DB and gather all information automatically about the host that triggered an alert. Such as logged on username, PC data, running process's, and naturally the graph data for the switchport and host.
Complete Asset Control
Track host's by HW Serial, UUID/GUID, Mac address, hostname, SID etc... In addition to custom asset tags. All of which can be searched for using our wildly popular AJAX interface!
Universal Outage/Postmortem Database
Each group will have their own custom outage report and postmortem. Alerts, follow ups and postmortems will all be managed and maintained in the ClearSite outage database. Reports will be easy to locate and even update from the web interface, additionally reports can be output into the following formats: Plain-Text, HTML, PDF, and CSV.

Developers and Testers needed!

ClearSite has been thoroughly tested on most Cisco network equipment as well as some others. We would like developers and users to try and contribute to our offering. Further documentation and resources are available on this site. Please visit our sourceforge forums and join our mailing lists. We are currently developing our own forum at the AloeUsers.net site, please keep checking here and on sourceforge.net for further news and developments!